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i've always been a very nostalgic person. when i was little, i'd pull out the old shoe box of photos from my grandmother's corner cabinet and soak in all the dorky 60s vibes of them.
something about photos from "back in the day" always gave me a grounded feeling.

the humans in the photos may not be blood related to me, but i consider each of them my family.
the genuine love between two souls, the hugs with family, the memories with the ones you love...
i could gush for days. ;)

this past year was a whirlwind of emotion for me.
between running my business full time, depression, loving on my husband, kittens, yoga and keeping up a very small social - life it was hard to manage.
2017 was FULL. it had it's ups and downs.

but the over-arching theme of my year was to slow down my brain and never listen to fear.
find beauty in the quiet, calm moments. find patience and clarity in the exhausting ones.
when you take a deep breath, trust your gut and get your hustle on...
some amazing things happen.

all that to say.

thank you.

i love what i do with all my heart. documenting real connection between two humans gives. me. life! each wedding i shoot gives me that grounding, calming feeling again.
so thank you to everyone reading, everyone who trusted me with your wedding photos, everyone who quietly stalks from instagram. ;)

much love and light to each of you! enjoy looking back on all the smoking hot couples of 2017!!


Elizabeth Lotus xx



thank you so much for taking the time to read this! :)

if you're madly in love and want me to capture it - 2018 dates are filling up quickly! 

feel like something's missing? there is!
i've created separate brands for my maternity/birth and fashion work!

for my high school seniors - there is a BIG annoucement coming soon for you guys!
until then, follow along and email me directly for booking. :)

Tips & Tricks // Five ways to be more relaxed & carefree on your wedding day!

You're engaged to the love of your life. YASSS!

Now to plan this amazing, life changing event.

It can be daunting to plan, especially for easy going souls like me. I want everyone to be happy AND I also get easily overwhelmed. A wedding day full of people crowding around me is not ideal. I want intimacy, romance and moments to just breathe. I want to be surrounded by a close knit group of humans who truly care for me. And I want lots of tasty cupcakes, too. ;)

So I decided to create a list of tips! These are especially for those like me who love all things minimalist and carefree. Those who want to have the most beautiful, epic day AND enjoy each little moment too.

#1 // Connect with Your Vendors

Connecting with your vendors is HUGE to have a stress-free wedding day. When you can trust them 100% you can spend your day with your lover, family and friends. And when a problem does arise, you'll know they can handle it! If you can't trust your vendors you'll spend all day fixing issues, answering their questions and feeling unsure of their process. 

Budget always plays a role when booking wedding vendors. But don't forget to truly ask yourself if you want to spend your wedding day with this person. If the answer is yes, BOOK THEM NOW! Wedding vendors book quickly and many times months or years in advance! 


#2 // Be Yourself Always

This is a big one.

Simple and somewhat obvious but this is YOUR day.
As a photographer nothing hurts my heart more than seeing a couple get married and not be themselves.

This is the day you're joining lives with the one you love! Be yourself!

If you want to elope on a mountain top, DO IT. If you want to get married in a small chapel, DO IT. If you want to wear a black dress, DO IT. If you want to get crazy fancy, DO IT.

The last thing you want is to look back on your day years down the road and not see anything that reminds you of YOU. Yes, weddings are always beautiful! But don't forget to include details, locations and styles that really showcase the real you. There's nothing more freeing than being yourself!


#3 // Find Alone Time

Finding a few minutes with your new spouse is difficult no matter how "chill" your wedding day might be. Weddings go by SO quickly.  You're the reason for the party and everyone will want a moment with you. But it's important to take at least a few minutes to walk away with your person, take in the moment and remember the reason for the celebration. 

This is why I choose to focus on intimate weddings and elopements and LOVE first looks. It's extremely hard to find 10 minutes alone when you have a huge guest list and a full day of events. Less is more. Your photographer (I volunteer as tribute!) can help you make a timeline for you day that allows for a first look or simply a sunset walk to get away.


#4 // Include Your Fur-babez

Not required but always encouraged. Including your pets in your wedding day doesn't necessarily always make your day more relaxed. ;) But it will bring a smile to your face and probably make you laugh a few times! Experiencing depression and anxiety has made me appreciate my furry children so much more. My two cats can really calm me down when I'm feeling anxious. 

So why not bring a cute addition along that can also relieve stress?!

#5 // Get Silly. Get Dirty.

This is the part where you stop giving a $h*t. Let your dress get dirty, get in the ocean and LAUGH. Dance. Yes the one you do in your underwear. Dance like no one's watching because this is your day! Can't repeat that enough. So much "wedding stress" comes from trying to please others or do things the proper traditional way. So throw caution out the window, be your real self and let's celebrate your love!

Thank you so much for reading!

Elizabeth Lotus 

Cassidy & James // romantic winter wedding // The Barn at Goldsboro Bridge Battlefield, Goldsboro, NC

working with Cassidy & James has been a smooth, sweet ride.
anytime i've asked Cassidy about her about a new idea i have she always replies with "I trust you".
as an artist there's nothing better in the world than that phrase.
knowing that this amazing couple trusts me with their memories warms my heart.

and guys, this wedding made my heart sing.
the romance, the hot chocolate, the candles.
his grandmother's wedding dress lace was used with the flowers.
Cassidy's son gave approval along with her parents for James to marry her.
so many real, authentic bring-me-to-tears moments.

it was cold, it was rainy.
but simply the way these two look at each brightened and warmed the room.
enjoy this stunning winter wonderland wedding!


Elizabeth Lotus


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