Jordan & Paul // engagement session // north carolina & colorado wedding photographer

"I fell in love with Elizabeth's work long before I even got to meet her. She had done some photos for a friend of mine and I was just blown away by the angles, the moods, the contrasts in colors. Every picture told a different story. So naturally when it came time for my engagement photos I knew I needed to get in touch. From the first meeting to the engagement photos to our wedding photos, Elizabeth has always been accommodating, kind, fun, and sincere. For a couple that is not fond of a camera, she certainly works wonders! Her positive vibes and impeccable eye for detail will make you in awe of each session. The day of our wedding she kept in contact with me from morning to night, constantly rolling with the beat, and focused not only on taking the pictures but making sure I was okay throughout the entire day. I've been married for four days and the handful of photos that she has sent me so far are incredible! I ugly cried for a good 10 minutes y'all. Needless to say I feel like I've gained quite a talented friend and I can't wait to take more photos in the future with her! Thank you Elizabeth for being the badass you are, you're moving mountains my dear!"

- Jordan