“I don’t know how many years on this Earth I got left. I’m gonna get real weird with it.”
- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Before getting into the nitty gritty of things, here's my "motto".
Be your weird, wonderful self.
My goal is not to capture perfect, curated moments.
I want the real, the raw, the honest.
Because life is short and I aim to always live in the moment.


Thank you to Forest & Fog for my photo above. xx

Hey! I'm Lotus!

I was born with the name Elizabeth. Growing up I’d constantly switch up my name:
Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzy, Beth, every variation I could find but nothing felt right!
A few years ago the nickname Lotus was given to me and it stuck with me since.

Lotus has become more than a name for me, it’s become what I hope to embody.
The Lotus flower is important to me for many reasons.
Through any circumstance or situation - the LOTUS is still blooming and growing. This is my goal.

Unconditional love has always been my motto, my life goal, my focus.
I’m proud to be part of my LGBTQ, polyamorous & spiritually minded family.

And lastly, if you hear someone say “look at the moon!!!” with wayyy too much enthusiasm that’s probably me. ;)

here's a few things I LIVE FOR:

Humans who are unapologetically themselves. Binge watching comedies while editing photos.
ADVENTURE TIME (my all time favorite show!). Spaghetti. Tree huggers. Trees that get hugged.
A perfectly sweet sweet tea. Snowy mountains and a season ski pass.
Self love. Couples who are down with the non-traditional. Astrology.
Journals, pens and all things organization. (can we say Capricorn AF?!)

what i bring to the table:

A calming presence ready to tackle any anxious thoughts or impossible situation.
Inclusive, open-minded viewpoint. Ride-or-die support for your love, your life, your story.